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Free Restaurant Marketing Strategies Tips and Information
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Welcome to the Restaurant Marketing Strategies Website!

Dear restaurateur,

Do you wonder how come some restaurants are always busy, (even if their food is not the best in town) while others, with much better food or service, struggle to bring in customers?

The answer is in their restaurant marketing.

Successful restaurants use great marketing techniques and people respond to them by visiting their place.

Many restaurateurs invest quite a lot of money in restaurant marketing and yet, their restaurant is not getting the clients that they are expecting. Obviously their restaurant marketing is not working.

Many restaurant marketing techniques that used to work, don't work anymore.

This could be because the marketplace is changing (more people are looking for restaurants online and ignoring the old fashion ads in radio, magazines, newspapers, etc.), and because everybody ends up using the same old restaurant marketing techniques, and their message probably gets lost in a sea of restaurant marketing bombardment that people receive.

So what can you do to stand out? How can you get your message through?

The good news is that there are many marketing initiatives that you can implement at a very low cost (many at no cost at all); for example, you want your business to get great
local restaurant reviews so be sure to implement marketing tactics that will not only drive customers but keep them happy.

Here you will find many restaurant marketing techniques and recommended products that will help you bring more customers to your restaurant.

This site contains a wealth of free restaurant marketing tips, free restaurant marketing content, and useful restaurant marketing resources that will help you improve your restaurant marketing results while cutting down your current restaurant marketing expenses.

Please read the
Feature Article and browse the Restaurant Marketing Strategies website layout below. You can jump to the topic that it’s most relevant to you and your business by just clicking on any of the titles.

I just want to give you valuable tools and lots of good proven and practical information to help you improve your restaurant marketing.

Thank you so much for reading and happy meals,

Jose L Riesco
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I've just created a new Forum where you would be able to post questions, comments, etc. and interact with other restaurateurs. I will be monitoring the forum and answering any questions that you may have. You can find the Forum in the main menu. Check it out!

Restaurant Marketing Strategies Website Layout

Restaurant Marketing

In this page you'll find information regarding general restaurant marketing issues. This will cover both online restaurant marketing and offline restaurant marketing

Offline Restaurant Marketing

Do you need help to improve your restaurant marketing or restaurant operations? Do you need brochure printing? Check out this section to find valuable resources to help you improve your restaurant sales.

Online Restaurant Marketing

Although this site is dedicated mainly to restaurant marketing and restaurant strategies, I want to give you some practical information that you can use to improve your restaurant operations. This section contains a wealth of information that will help you do so.

Restaurant Operations

Although this site is dedicated mainly to restaurant marketing and restaurant strategies, I want to give you some practical information that you can use to improve your restaurant operations. This section contains a wealth of information that will help you do so.

Restaurant Marketing Products

You’ll find here my own restaurant marketing products such as the Restaurant Marketing Strategies book, the Formalized Referral System in a Box, the How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Restaurant ebook, etc.

Restaurant Marketing Articles

You’ll find many free restaurant marketing articles. Many of these articles will be mentioned when I talk about a topic, but you can browse (and read) here all the articles at your own pace.

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Featured Guest Restaurant Marketing Strategies Article

How to Lower Costs without Sacrificing Your USP

Your restaurant’s USP, or Unique Selling Point, is the number-one reason why most first-time and return visitors walk through your door, so no matter how urgent cost-cutting may seem—and it always seems urgent in the restaurant industry—if your USP could be a casualty, it’s just not worth doing. How, then, can you continue to shrink your costs and grow your customer base at the same time? Start right now with the budget-trimming tips below.
  • Know and promote your USP
    What makes your business distinct from all others? Is it a signature dish? A high standard of service? An ambiance all its own? Ask repeat customers and long-term employees to describe your restaurant in just a few sentences, and seek out areas of overlap in their descriptions. That’s your USP!

    If it helps to formulate your USP as a slogan, then bring staff members in on the process, and have fun with it! The more invested your employees feel in the restaurant and its most unique feature, the better, particularly if you’re going to ask for their help implementing the inventory control and other cost-cutting measures below.
  • Liberate excess inventory
    Chances are, your walk-in is rife with excess, whether in the form of produce past its sell date or old pancetta that never made it onto a blue-plate special. The simple fact is that storing food you won’t use is a costly – and unsanitary – practice that prevents an accurate assessment of what’s really moving on your menu.

    By tracking and then selling excess inventory, including old or unnecessary equipment, you’re not only inviting your chef to make full use of essential ingredients and supplies, but also generating some rainy-day revenue.
  • Control portions
    Most restaurants have portion-control guides kicking around the kitchen, but rarely are staff members trained on how to plate food accordingly. Bring in a scale, ruler, or other measuring device and spend a day on the line helping to plate popular menu items.

    Train front-of-house employees to recognize and request accurate portions, and above all else, reward consistency. Your first guest’s oversized portion can easily become your second guest’s disappointment; never set a precedent you’re not ready to uphold.
  • Conserve resources
    What minor costs are currently accruing in your restaurant? Are the lights left on overnight? Are table linens tossed in the laundry basket with barely a blemish? How many faucets are dripping in the kitchen? Do you still rely on paper invoicing, scheduling, payment, and advertising?

    Ask your team members for assistance in developing green initiatives, and stick to them, whether you return unused packaging to suppliers or program the thermostat to stay below a certain level. Controlling seemingly insignificant costs can go a long way.
  • Hold management accountable
    No one but a manager should have the authority to comp, void, or discount a sale, and an employee log that details the reason for these exceptional transactions should lower their incidence. Consider implementing random “cash audits,” in which you reconcile cash on hand with the transactions on record, and never allow more than one person per shift access to the cash drawer.
  • Keep a positive attitude
    Offer employees free coffee; serve a hot, family-style lunch; or simply sit and chat with your team members for a few minutes before closing. When they’re not at work, your employees are your best marketers, and you want to secure their loyalty from the moment of hire. Give all staff a voice in their own schedules and ask for their input on cost- and time-saving practices. Notice that the inclusion of your staff is a constant item in the steps above.
Finally, give credit where credit is due and say, “thank you,” for a job well done. A consistently positive atmosphere can be a USP all its own!

This guest post is provided by Ren Lacerda who works with University Alliance on behalf of Michigan State University and University of Florida covering topics on Hospitality Management and Marketing Management. You can follow Ren on Twitter @RenMarketing
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